Autism Awareness Month


Five Big, Avoidable Mistakes Made By Parents of Autistic Kids

 Autism-AwarenessIf you’re the parent of an autistic kid, you probably get advice thrown at your head from every angle, all day long. You may even be all done with advice. And I hear you, because I am you.

But I also have had the great good fortune to be connected with some of the most insightful autistic and autism professionals and thinkers on this planet, who have transformed my parenting approach completely, and to the benefit of my teen son Leo, as well as myself.

As I have become increasingly devoted to “learn from my mistakes,

Autistic Adults Shouldn’t Be Children of a Lesser God

A man with a puzzle on his head and a missing piece
April is Autism Awareness Month. While I truly hope Autism Awareness Month becomes Autism Acceptance Month, I realize there is a gaping awareness issue. Everyone is aware of autism in some capacity; they have heard the word at a cocktail party, they know someone either closely or very distantly, or have seen media in our hyper-connected world about autism.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 68 American children has an autism spectrum disorder.
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